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Agenda and Proposed Guests
14 December(Thursday)
Opening Ceremony【New Era, New Finance,New Opportunity、The Development of Financial Industry in the Digital Economy Era】
First Part: Offshore Finance Development Summit and China Offshore Finance Development Index Release
● Roundtable dialogue: Offshore Financial Development and the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center
● Index Release: China Offshore Financial Development Index release and report description
● Roundtable dialogue: Construction of Offshore Financial Market System and internationalization of RMB
Second Part: Financial Leasing Industry Development Summit
● New Opportunities for the Development of Leasing Industry under the New Economic Model
● Digital Transformation and High Quality Development of Leasing Industry
● Fintech Enables a New Era of Auto Finance Leasing
● Deep Cultivation of Green Leasing Drives the Professional Transformation of the Leasing Industry
Third Part: Summit on Banking Digital Transformation
● Technology Enables Digital Transformation and Helps Banks Achieve High-quality Development
● How AI Drives Banks' Digital Transformation?
● How Digital Finance Motivates the Digital Transformation of Banks?
December 15(Friday)
Keynote Speech【Financial Technology Empowers The Development of The Digital Economy】
Fourth Part: Financial Technology Summit
● Technology Helps Financial development, Finance Empowers technological Innovation
● Data and Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry
● AI and Fintech Convergence and Innovation
Fifth Part: Global Sustainable Finance and Investment
● Participate in a High-level Open Economic Pattern
● Definite Opportunities to Invest in China under the New Landscape
Sixth Part: Investment Opportunities in the Fintech Industry under AI Tide
Closing Ceremony【Capital Markets Review and World Economic Outlook 2024】
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